Whatever It Takes Song by Song

Over the past few years we’ve managed to write some songs. The idea behind the album was “Whatever it Takes” a song we wrote in the infant stages of the album. I was asked to tell the story of the album and I will. I may not release all the details just yet as I think that the listener should indulge in their own sweet interpretation.


The last song written but the first track on the album – does this happen often? probably not, but once it was completed, this was the obvious choice to open the album. The title says it all. In the world of music, one would be incredibly naive to think that amongst all the artists fighting for survival that it will be a sure thing to do so successfully yourself.

“The hope you feel before it fails”

Every musician that has just recorded a piece of music awaits how it is received, most musicians fail as we know…

Whatever it Takes

Ahh the title track – I’ve been working construction since I have moved to Western Canada. Anyone in their right mind would never put that day job with this night job, but in my mind character built is essential to want, need, and the f*** it all attitude that is required to get somewhere in this business. Some people get somewhere by accident, and some earn it… I’m flipping my coin, but no one’s gonna say it wasn’t for the effort.

The Drill

Written on the road in our friend Warren’s basement, this tune was written about the relationship most everyone goes through; the one that makes you wake up, stop being manipulated and start living for yourself. I relate it to a warlike atmosphere because sometimes things seem to get that harsh.

Smoke Damage

This song was one of the hardest to write , partly because it just had such an attitude musically that you had to expose it in the same way lyrically. It’s the deal made with the devil, The Divine Trilogy, the fact that we have choices, or we think we have choices. We sign papers that we really don’t know what is to come. If you don’t feel this song you have never felt some regret.

Dinner is Served

Off the tip of my tongue. I wrote this song in the jam space, sang it over and over again. Never wrote the song on paper ‘til it was needed for the record. This tune is everything that happens between women and men at every and any point in a relationship. Withhold, give in… Dinner is Served.

Jaws of Life

Sophisticated but simple. The beauty of music. For me, this song was so simple in its concept. It was written about how we pass each moment as if it isn’t as important as the next. It’s summed up in the last line of the song:

“We wait for this moment to come, but then the moment is…”

We are mortal, and as musicians this is even more evident. There is no tomorrow to some, we may be included in that sooner than we think.

The Journeyman

As the tradesman strive… As I mentioned earlier I have been working construction and in this world you meet many who have the same goal. I myself have had a different goal and it was always writing songs and singing them. I have so much more appreciation for these men now than I ever have. Great tough men, who know what it’s like to do things they don’t want to – just because it’s gotta be done.

Frankenstein’s Monster

The machine within. Like Frankenstein built his monster we built this band. No one will tell you it was easy, no one will tell you that we always agreed. The fact that 4 players, 4 people, 4 different minds can view music differently and be so passionate about it is crazy. This isn’t some silly song about Mary Shelley’s novel. This song is about Magnus Rising itself and how it is the sum of its parts.

Downtown Flu

As the tree grows so do we. Always return to your roots, and there’s no place like where we started. So many things to love about Newfoundland, and I love them all. The title of course stems from one calling into work sick, when that sickness is “self-induced”. I think I coined this phrase initially myself, but there could always be a chance I am wrong.

The Judge

The fitting final track. Though this was a song written in the more infant stages of the record it’s still very important. The Judge was centered around the audience judging the band. It’s idea is simple, the song runs a little deeper. This song and album:

“This is from my (our) heart(s)”

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