Matt's Weekly Top Ten

The best of the best, at this moment, in my opinion… and in no particular order. I’m just that helpful. View the playlist here.

  1. Trustafarian - Lionize

    Killer track of the new album Superczar and the Vulture. Listen to the chorus and you’ll get it. Amazing rock moment

  2. Red Tide Rising - Orange Goblin

    Hard hitting grooves from over the pond. The riffs compel the ear and hold the mind.

  3. Jekyll & Hyde - Marcus Miller

    This is probably the heaviest hitting tune from one of the all time greats. Ever heard of Miles Davis? Well Miles heard of Marcus. Enough said.

  4. The Northern - Alexis on Fire

    Arguably the best track they ever wrote. The strength and emotion of Dallas’ voice is all the more powerful against such a moody and powerful sonic landscape.

  5. The Birthing - Baroness

    If complex rhythms and intricate riffs get you going then this will never let you slow down. Pure power, start to finish.

  6. Dark Side of Me - Coheed and Cambria

    Coheed have always been a band that carried itself on expression and experimentation. This is just another beautiful guitar driven masterpiece. An acquired taste, but well worth the effort.

  7. God is dead - Black Sabbath

    A new entry from the originals. Black Sabbath needs no accolades to prove their worth. The best are still the best.

  8. Dust Bowl - Joe Bonamassa

    The king of diy blues is clearly at the top of his game. Just killer guitar all over this track.

  9. Never Come Back - Stolen Babies

    Ever wonder what would happen if Tim Burton started a metal band? Stolen Babies is about as close as you’ll ever get. Rich and complex music with fantastic vocals. Grade A.

  10. Dirty Walls - Our Lady Peace

    Not just for Canadian content, Naveed has always been one of my favorite sunny day albums. This track always stands out in my mind.

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