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When compared to the first album, “Whatever It Takes” is best described as not just a step in the right direction, but a leap in the right direction. It’s the difference between playing at a bar, and being able to play an arena show. The difference is that drastic. However, all the things that you liked about the first album such as the amazing axe grinding, the rad bass lines, that’s all there as well, it’s just a lot more polished than in “Counting the Numbers”.

The pacing of the new album follows a much better formula than the first album, and the tone is a lot more consistent throughout. If you were a fan of the tone of “Counting the Numbers” however, you will still be very pleased with the new album. It is a bit more tame than the first, but the songs turn out a lot more fluid and melodic, and ultimately this leads to a better experience. When I first started listening to “Whatever It Takes” I played it about six times in a row to get a good feel for it. By the time you finish the albums entirety, you just have to listen to it again. It’s surprisingly addicting. It’s like one of those movies that you keep watching, and every time you watch it, you notice something more. I’ve happily listened to “Whatever It Takes” over a dozen times now, and I’m still picking new things up.

There’s a great diversity of songs on “Whatever It Takes”. “The Journeyman” features acoustics, providing a more dramatic experience mixed with very defeated lyrics. This song is then followed by what I would consider one of the most heavy songs on the album, “Frankenstein’s Monster”, but this transition is made fluid through the overall experience of this album. “Whatever It Takes” tells a story, similar to many successful albums of the past. It’s hard to recommend anyone to listen to any one song without saying to simply listen to the whole album. One song alone is great, but if you can just pop your headphones in for a bit longer and hear the whole journey “Whatever It Takes” is, you’re going to finish with a greater reward. This album comes highly recommended for anyone that needs to fill a musical void, and enjoys harder rock, or softer metal.

The title of the album is a big draw, as it’s almost a tribute towards the pains of being an aspiring rock god. The people with the real drive will reach that pinnacle, whatever it takes. My favourite song on this album is Dinner Is Served. It’s not because I like to eat though, it’s because of the rhythm. I love everything about this song, the lyrics, the guitar, the bass, the drums; everything. The lyrics of this new album definitely improved as compared to “Counting the Numbers”, and I believe that’s due to a bit more collaboration between band members, and the producer, Dave Slote. He really works hard with the guys to establish a great musical experience on the latest album. I got a chance to see some of the exercises he did with the band, and heard about some of the stories of this albums production, and I think Dave has a lot to do with the night and day difference between the first and second album of Magnus Rising. It is teamwork like this that really take albums to that next level. I definitely foresee “Whatever It Takes” taking this band to the next level, earning them even more exposure.

This album proves that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, and definitely proves that they deserve it. Magnus Rising are set to release Whatever it Takes worldwide May 31st 2013

By: Clayton Cyre

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