Whatever It Takes

Released in 2013, this is the most recent full-length album. Songs from "Whatever It Takes" have been written and performed over the last 3 years.

  1. Naive
  2. Whatever It Takes
  3. The Drill
  4. Smoke Damage
  5. Dinner Is Served
  6. Jaws Of Life
  7. The Journeyman
  8. Frankenstein's Monster
  9. Downtown Flu
  10. The Judge

Counting the Numbers

Released in 2008, Counting the Numbers was Magnus Rising’s first full length album. Features the tracklisting “Forgiveness”, “Business Man” and “Crisis”.

  1. Counting the Numbers
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Reach
  4. Business Man
  5. Crisis
  6. Shallow End
  7. From the Ashes
  8. Dissipating
  9. Evidence In Safety
  10. Slow Collapse
  11. Portrait

Magnus Rising

Released in 2005, this was Magnus Rising’s first studio effort. The 6 song EP was independently produced and recorded live off the floor in St. John’s NL. Features the tracklisting “Levitate” , “Hang On” and crowd favorite “Someone Died” .

  1. Levitate
  2. Blood Donation
  3. Hang On
  4. The Possession of Saul Stone
  5. From the Ashes
  6. Someone Died