Listen to Whatever It Takes

Our new album is now available for streaming. Listen to the complete album right now! Whatever It Takes is also available on iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Am… More

Whatever It Takes is Now Available!

At long last we are beyond proud to bring you our new album “Whatever it takes”. There could be no more appropriate title for this record … More

Interview with Abort Magazine

This is Justin with ABORT Magazine, sitting here with with Magnus Rising. We’ll be primarily talking with Vocalist Aaron Hawkins, and Bassist M… More

Matt's Weekly Top Ten

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Whatever It Takes Song by Song

Over the past few years we’ve managed to write some songs. The idea behind the album was “Whatever it Takes” a song we wrote in the infant stage… More

The Drill music video shoot

The past few years have been really exciting for Magnus Rising. Since the completion of their latest studio effort, “Whatever it takes”, t… More

Whatever It Takes Review

The title of this album reflects Magnus Rising’s struggles perfectly. Having lost a batch of equipment in a warehouse fire in the early days, then s… More